September is the time to get back into the routine of school and schedules. Summer is over and fall is on the way. Your child will be developing new friendships, learning and having fun. This can be a stressful time of adjustment—you can choose the attitude for your family!

Remind your child how Jesus grew when he was a boy.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52).

Read about Jesus in the temple in Luke 2:41-52. Talk about what it means to be in favor with God and man. When we are obedient and make the right choices we will find favor as well. Have each child write the Luke 2:52 in their best penmanship. Young children can trace the verse and older children can make bubble letters or any kind of decorated art piece. Display the Bible verse in a prominent area in your home and discuss as your child begins the first full month of school.

Watch for signs of stress—plan fun activities for the weekends. Enjoy life together!