Let The Games Begin! What can you do when the kids say, “I’m bored!” Invite some friends to join you in the backyard and let the games begin. If you do not have a swimming pool, just turn on a sprinkler and play with wet splash balls! Here are some ideas for fun:

1. Water Volleyball

2. Water Baseball

3. Balloon Blanket Toss

This game needs 2 large sheets and a steady supply of filled water balloons.  Divide into 2 teams.  Space people evenly around the edge of the sheets and place a filled water balloon in the center of one of the sheets.  Have the teams work together and toss the balloon back and forth.  Give prizes to each team member.

4. Water Balloon Catch

 Jump off the diving board and try to catch large water balloon or divide in teams and toss from one team to the other.

5. Blow out the Candles

Line candles on a table and give each participant a large water gun.  Try to put the candles out with the water.  First to put all the candles out with the water wins.

6.  Feet Freeze

Fill a small wading pool with water and ice cubes.  Pour in a bag or two of clear marbles.  The object is to pick up as many marbles with your toes as you can and put them in a plastic bucket.  You may have everyone sit around the pool and play at the same time, or one person stand in the pool and hunt for marbles with their feet while another person holds the bucket to catch the marbles.  Set a time limit of 10, 15 or 20 seconds.

Do not forget the sunscreen, water to drink and Popsicles!