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Chose some of these ideas to make your new year a great one!

  • Always start off the New Year with a family meeting. Even the youngest child can participate in planning activities and talking about the vision and commitment of the family.  Discuss goals with each child. Write them down and keep in a special place to review each year.
  •  Purchase a new calendar and let each child mark their birthday with a special sticker.
  •  Choose a family theme and Bible verse to focus on for a great way to begin the year.
  •  Make a tent in your den with sheets and clothespins. Use flashlights to read books and tell stories.
  •  Dress in mittens, coat, and scarf for a family picture, then have ice cream for a snack.
  •  Watch a movie with blankets, a fire in the fireplace, and hot cocoa—with lots of marshmallows of course.