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After the cold winter months, March brings a touch of spring.  This list of activities will get you started thinking about things you can do with your family—enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Choose some or add your own, just have fun together and remember to thank God for each day.

Plant something green.                                                   Pick strawberries.

Have a picnic at the park.                                              Take a hike.

Bake cupcakes with pink frosting.                              Listen to the rain.

Decorate your home with flowers.                             Buy a fun umbrella.

Skip stones across a pond.                                             Visit a petting zoo.

Feel the sun on your face.                                               Walk on a beach.

Feed the ducks at a pond.                                               Pet a bunny.

Listen to the birds singing.                                             Play softball.

Look for four-leaf clovers.                                             Visit the zoo.

Get dirt under your fingernails.                                   Spot a rainbow.

Watch bumblebees work in a garden.                        Blow bubbles.

Plan a spring break vacation.                                         Fly a kite.

Visit the farmer’s market and buy a meal.                Jump in puddles.

Leave your windows open to catch a breeze.          Climb a tree.

Find a playground and swing on the swings.           Sit outside at a café.

Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk.                Ride a bike.