Spring is Coming!

When the calendar turns to April, it seems spring is here. Baseball tryouts begin, boots are put away and spring break is a special treat for all. Make memories as you enjoy the beauty of this season. The following ideas will get you started.

  • Talk about the things you can do when it gets warmer.  Notice how the grass starts to grow and the flowers bloom.

  • Have a “try on” party to see what clothes you can wear for spring.

  • Have a Spring Cleaning party and give outgrown clothes/items to Goodwill.

  • Talk about the beautiful colors God gives us. Use “rainbow seeds” to brighten any day. Rainbow seeds are multicolored sprinkles!

Planting Instruction

Sprinkle RAINBOW SEEDS in or on:

  • Your morning cereal

  • In your milk

  • On ice cream

  • Flour tortillas and butter

Don’t forget to thank God for the beauty all around. He needs to hear your praise and thanksgiving!