Grace: If you ask your family what they know about this word you may get one of these answers:

  • It is what we say before we eat.
  • It is the name of that girl in my class. (It is the name of my precious oldest granddaughter – Abby Grace!)
  • It is part of that old song my grandmother sings – Amazing Grace.

We think grace is too abstract for children to learn, but grace is the key to understanding Jesus’ loving sacrifice and God’s abundant forgiveness and love. Here is an example to teach your child about God’s grace: Tell kids they have to make a basket from the middle of the basketball court. They can try all day and all night, but they will rarely score. Then along comes the star player. He shoots and scores every time; and he even gives you the points. Then he tells you that you can stop shooting because he will always be there to make the shot for you. Our sins are like our failed attempts at scoring. We will always fall short and never be good enough. But God sent Jesus to die for us once and for all so we can live in God’s amazing love. We don’t ever have to earn our salvation—Jesus will always be there to take up the slack! Amazing Grace!