Last month we listed phrases NOT to say to our kids. This month we let’s concentrate on the words they need to hear often. Your kids will benefit from hearing these words from you as much as possible!

© Konstantin Yuganov -

“What could you do instead?”
This question encourages a child to problem-solve on his own rather than asking you to do it for him.

Whenever possible, try to put a positive spin on your responses. “Yes, you can go outside and play as soon as you put your toys away” is more agreeable than “No, your room is a mess.”

“You can always tell me everything.”
Remind her of this often, and try not to get upset if she tells you something you don’t really want to hear.

“I’m sorry.”
It’s important to show your kids that you’re human—and to own up to your own mistakes.

“I love you.”
You simply can’t overuse these three simple words.

 Adapted from Parents Magazine April 2014