Communication changes constantly and our children quickly adapt to the technological world around us. Even young children can pick up an iPhone and find a game to play or send a simple text. Boys and girls would be shocked to hear about the days when phones had cords and could not be moved from room to room, much less taken outside!

Have a fun family night looking up pictures of old phones or other ways of communication. End the night by texting Bible verses to each other. See who can come up with the best “text language.” (See examples below)

Remember—although the ways of communication change, the Bible stays the same. The truth that Jesus loves us is true today just as it was when the Bible was written.


“God luvd d wrld so much that he gave Hs 1 & onlE Son, so that evry 1 hu blevs n HIM wil not perish bt hav eternal Lyf” (John 3:16).

“Do 2 othRz Az U wud lik them 2 do 2 u” (Luke 6:31).