Every child loves to receive mail, and magazines for children can be both entertaining and educational. Here’s Cindy’s recommended list of magazines especially suited to young readers!

Your Big Backyard (www.nwf.org)

The National Wildlife Federation’s magazine for younger children includes craft ideas, games, and stories which answer questions such as “Why do ducks have webbed feet?” or “Why do fireflies light up?”  Ages 3 to 7.

Highlights for Children (www.highlights.com)

Highlights  teaches basic educational skills through puzzles, stories, and activities for children of all ages.  If you subscribed as a child, your child will love it now.

Spider (www.cricketmag.com)

Newly independent readers will enjoy 40 pages of humor, games, puzzles, and projects.  Ages 6 to 9.

Ranger Rick (www.nwf.org)

This National Wildlife Federation magazine appeals to young animal lovers as it features amazing nature photographs, games, puzzles, and riddles.  Ages 7 and up.

National Geographic for Kids (www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids)

This magazine explores the wonders of the world through science, technology, world cultures, animals, and more.  Ages 6 to 14.

Magnify, Blossom, and Explore (www.tommynelson.com)

Check out the new magazine-formatted Bibles for children and preteens!

Parentlife (www.lifeway.com/magazines)

A terrific faith-based magazine for adults!