© Louella Folsom - Fotolia.comThis activity can be used for the days preceding Easter or any way that works best for your family. The idea is to place small items in a large plastic Easter egg, hide the egg and after finding it, discuss how the item pertains to the Easter story.

Item – mini Playdoh …“The name of Jesus”
Read the story of the Angel coming to Mary in Luke 1.   Talk about what the name of Jesus means – (Immanuel means “God with us”).  Talk about the meaning of our own names. Read Philippians 2:10 together and discuss.  Use the Playdoh to spell out the name of Jesus.

Item – Swedish fish candy or goldfish and a cracker … “Jesus feeds the 5000”
Read the story in Matthew 14, Luke 9, or John 6.  Talk about what it might have felt like to experience this miracle.

Item- toy boat … “Jesus calms the storm”
Read the story in Matthew 8, Mark 4 or Luke 8 and talk about why this is so amazing. Make a storm in a bottle (with a 2 liter bottle, oil, water and food coloring) with your toy boat or make a storm in the bathtub and try to calm it instantly—which cannot be done.

Item-  blindfold … “Jesus heals the blind man”
Read about the healing in John 9.   Note how the blind man reacted when Jesus told him who He was.   How does God reveal Himself in our lives… how should we react?

Item-  paper crown, hand sanitizer or small soap … “Jesus washes feet”
Read the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples in John 13 and how he came to serve and not be served. Is that what you would expect the King of Kings to do?

Item-  sample perfume or scented lotion … “Mary Magdalene and the perfume”
Tell the story of Mary pouring the perfume on Jesus’ feet from John 12.  Talk about what a big deal it was for her to come into the house uninvited and use this very expensive perfume on Jesus. Discuss some other things that are important to us now and how we can give them as an offering to God…. time, money etc.

Item-  4 quarters … “giving/ Rich young ruler”
Ask, “What would you do with 4 quarters? How about $100?  Read the story of the rich young ruler from Matthew 19 or Luke 12 and then Acts 20:35 when Jesus says it is better to give than to receive.  Take time to discuss how it feels to give to help others.

 Item-  TWO small treats or candy … “Jesus visits Zacchaeus”
Read the story in Luke 19.  Talk about why people didn’t like Zacchaeus back then and how cool it is that Jesus not only saw and acknowledged him, but wanted to spend time with him.  Lead them to think about some people that they haven’t been ‘noticing’.  Invite them to seek out the person and share the extra treat and play with them.

Item-  Time Coupon … “Jesus loved the children”
Read the story in Mark 10.  Talk about adults in our lives that obviously love children.  How do you know and what do they do to show it?  How do you think Jesus showed it?  Find out how your child would like to spend time with you as you show your love. Fill out the time coupon together.  (Example—extra hugs, playing a game, or going on a walk together).

Item-  Kleenex – “Jesus wept.”
Read the story of Jesus healing Lazarus in John 11.   Talk about how Jesus was a real person with real emotions like us.  Talk about times when we feel sad, hurt, or scared. Thank God that He is behind us, hears our prayers, and gives us hope.

Item-  Slip of paper … “Jesus died for us”
Read the story of the crucifixion in Matthew 27, Luke 23 or John 19 and talk about how it must have felt to love Jesus and be there that day… and how it might have felt for those who didn’t love Jesus but saw what happened.  Write the word that you feel on the piece of paper.

On EASTER day:  The egg is empty … “He is RISEN!”
Read the story in Matthew 28, Mark 16 or John 20.  Talk about how God gave us the best gift when He gave Jesus. God gave His Son so He could show us how to live and so we could have eternal life—not because we deserved it, but because He loves us that much.