Jesus Rules!

Children want to live for Jesus each day; sometimes it is hard to remember how to make the right choices when they are “in the moment.” Use this easy object lesson using school items to remind them to be a shining light.


Ruler – Jesus is my ruler. Because we live for Jesus we can make the right decisions, love our enemies, and treat others as Jesus would.

Eraser – Jesus erases my sin. We all make mistakes. Jesus forgives us so we should forgive others.

Pencil – Jesus writes His Word on my heart/Jesus writes the story of my life.

It is important to learn God’s Word so we will know how to live. Jesus has a plan for my life. Tape – Jesus sticks with me all the time. Jesus is my best friend. He will always be with me. Talk about these items with your child and discuss ways they can remember how Jesus rules at school and everywhere!