When the hot temperatures leave your kids hot and moody, make them smile with these “cool down” water games from Family Fun magazine.

Ready Steady Jump Rope

This simple spin on jumping rope turns in to a get-wet game. Provide each player with a full     plastic cup of ice water. One at a time, each player must jump rope for ten turns while holding his or her cup. The player with the most water left wins.

Freezy Tees Contest    

The chill factor in this fast-paced race makes it much cooler than your average dress-up game.  Before the contest, prepare a T-Shirt for each participant by soaking it with water, wringing it out, and folding it. Placing waxed paper between each one, stack the folded shirts on a baking     sheet and freeze them. When they are stiff, hand them out to the players. The first to get into his frozen tee wins.

The Cups Runneth Over!   

Players are sure to get soaked with this spray bottle challenge that is brimming with fun. Divide the group into teams of two. Give one player on each team a water squirter filled water and the other player a plastic cup and Ping Pong ball, then have them stand six feet apart. At, “Go,” the     player with the bottle tries to squirt enough water into her teammate’s cup to float out the ball.  Set up a water bucket nearby for refills during play.

Enjoy, summer is almost over and you will be missing the heat—seriously!