Do you take time to enjoy the amazing parts of life? Children can keep your focus on what is important. As school begins and schedules get hectic, take time to be amazed by the gift of your child.


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Be amazed at how quick they learn. Be patient enough to invest the time teaching them something new. Even if it takes them weeks to learn to ride their bike, that’s still pretty remarkable.

Be amazed at how quickly they recover from pain. It’s crazy how fast our kids can move past painful moments. All kids process things differently, but they all process much faster than adults do.

Be amazed at how easy they forgive. They live with a willingness to forgive those that hurt them, and that’s amazing.

Be amazed by their laughs. I love the things that make kids laugh. I love to hear them laugh when they make themselves laugh. Believe me; their laughter will be missed in your home one day!

Be amazed by their faith. Like all of us, children want to believe in something greater than themselves. The trusting faith of a child is even something Jesus talked about.

*And by the way, both my children are grown with kids of their own and they STILL amaze me every day!